4G63 Short block Service:

Want a shortblock built to EXACT tolerances, using the best made-in-USA parts, have equal compression per cylinder, and use no oil? That is what you will get here. I'm very picky!
Block is bored and honed with a torque plate, hand assembled and blueprinted to EXACT bearing and file-fit ring tolerance.  
We only use US made parts, no Chinese junk!
DSM or EVO with your supplied core:
$3200 FFWD aluminum rods

$3000 Carrillo Pro H beam rods

$2850 Manley Turbo Tuff I beams
All use:
Wiseco HD pistons with tool steel pins (with choice of compression)
ACL race bearings

GTR shortblocks, email me for quote!


2.3 $3500, uses same parts as 2.0 but we use brand new OEM 100mm crank, sorry no Chinese Manley cranks, almost everyone I have seen has cracked.



4B11 Shortblock build, .020 overbore.

$3000 Carrillo rods

$2850 Manley turbo tuff I beam rods



We can use other components upon request but I will need to approve of them first.

 Shortblock warranty:
Once a blueprinted assembled block leaves it is the customers responsibility to keep it together! We only use the very strongest parts so what happens after installation is out of our hands