Not much here... real simple!

Core refunds!!
You should attempt to return your cores ASAP so other people can utilize the service, core must be returned in 30 days for full refund.
Send boxes NO-SIG required!
If I have to go pick up a package due to it being missed there is a mandatory $80 fee, no exceptions.
Shortblock warranty:
Once a blueprinted assembled block leaves it is the customers responsibility to keep it together! We only use the very strongest parts so what happens after installation is out of our hands.

Stuff I do is not expensive, $1600 complete head job? If can't afford the bill for that YOU BOUGHT THE WRONG FUCKING CAR.
Don't have the money? Don't order. Don't have the money when job is complete? Borrow from your mom or sell your TV, I don't care!
Finished products must be paid for within 7 days. After 7 days, a 10% fee WILL be added.
After 14 days, unpaid work becomes property of Curt Brown Racing and your name will be added to the wall of shame!