Mitsubishi Heads

The "AFFORDABLE" Alternative.

10 day turnaround or less!
Ever wonder why my cars make more HP per turbo? Wonder no more. My expertise in internal combustion engines, combined with high-quality US or Japanese sourced parts, results in the best performance in the business.
All of the heads below will actually work, unlike some of the hogged out ones on the market with inferior parts and at a much higher price.
What do you get for your $$$? A head that works. Not one that's over-ported and overpriced. What I can guarantee is a head that will work better than stock not worse.

 $1600 1G or 2G DSM
$1600 EVO 8/9
$100 extra for 1mm over valves
EVO OEM refresh with bronze guides/performance valve job $600
DSM Economy build, all port/machine work/bronze guides with OEM Evo beehive spring kit and Evo valves $1100
Add $140 for Kiggly HLA
$1600 EVO 10(uses stock guides, GSC valves and GSC springs)
$150 charge for oversized valves
$200 lash adjust Evo 10
Bronze guide upgrade $180
Prices are plus return shipping and if using Paypal +3%
$1600 4g63 package Spec:

Street/Race head
GSC SS valves
Kiggly Beehive springs
Race port
Bronze valve guides
Competition multi angle valve job
New seals
Pressure checked
EGR port tapped and plugged
2G DSM heads drilled to 1G stud size
Resurfacing for MLS gasket
Will work with 16G sized turbo's to a 42r.
811WHP with a 35R on this head.
I highly recommend the 2G head for 90% of us who want a better usable powerband and a good street/strip car.
For goals of well over 800whp and 160mph in the 1/4 mile and a more strip only car a 1G head is better.
Cores are required.
If you already have a ported head I cannot Un-port it if it's been over-ported.
Interested? Contact me for more info or for a quote!