Remember all porting is done by ME, not some $20 an hour idiot in the back room like most places!

Intake and Exhaust manifold porting:

EVO 8/9 Extreme 65mm intake port job   $160

EVO 3 intake Extreme port $160
Curt Brown Racing CNC  anodized EGR block off plate $15
65mm bored(larger plate installed) OEM Evo TB's - $229

GTR Ported Intake Manifold Service $450

GTR 65mm Throttle Body Porting $500

65mm to 70mm Upgrade(send in your completed 65mm for the 70mm Extreme) $120

70mm extreme port for Evo 8/9, starts with a 70mm flange welded on to allow for any 68-70mm aftermarket throttle body to be used, this enables a full 70 mm throughout the plenum, this is the best performing manifold for 850whp and under Evo's out there, 50ft lbs of tq over the second best manifold(skunk2) with no loss in top end. $20 pric i All 70mm jobs now come with free Curt Brown Racing EGR block off plate!

Evo X intake porting and 65mm TB bore combo deal $390

EVO 8/9/10/ Exhaust manifold port/polish $150

 Standard VHT 2000 coating included in that price!

Subaru cast intake port job $140, bored TB 64mm Subaru TB service $229

Magnus, Skunk2 or AMS F1 cast manifold correction and port job, $150 for these.

New FP EVO 8/9 cast manifold Extreme port job, WAY more extensive porting than found anywhere. $115 with Priority mail return shipping included!


Manifold Porting