Just because it's a GTR does not mean you have to pay GTR pricing.
Ported Intake Manifold Service. 
100% stealth mod, Nissan will never know.  
Better throttle response, mid-range and top-end power, both halves matched, mirror finish on runners. 
All are now opened up to 65mm on the TB entry to allow for our 65mm bored factory TB's, you can still use the stock TB with this mod. Also look at our surface finish compared to our competitors, ours is mirror finish as close to extrude honing as you get.
Don't buy a $3-4000 intake manifold and lose all your bottom-end power and throttle response. Biggest bang for the buck mod for the GTR next to a Cobb ECU flash! 26whp UNTUNED on a Mustang dyno, more with tuning or on a Dynojet.
Please realize that I am the one doing the porting service here, not some $20 an hour shop hand like most shops. Believe me, this makes a difference!
$450 for ported GTR intake service.

Ported Race Head Service:
Pocket port
Gasket match, port blend
Competition valve job

Set cam lash
Resurface and assembly
GSC Bronze valve guides
GSC valves

$3595 GSC beehive springs

$3290 Tomei spring kit
$2895 retaining OEM springs for small or stock cams

GSC billet GTR cams, THE BEST - $1500

Tomei cams $950

GTR Throttle Body Porting
65mm Throttle body service, your stock TB's will be bored to 65mm and rebuilt, great upgrade for the price, more Tq and throttle response. 
$530 shipped, using your cores.

Port and polish factory turbo inlets

2012 and up - $150

2008-2011 inlets - $200

GTR  Porting/Parts