For the last three  years I have been using ceramic  wheel bearings in my cars with amazing results, I was keeping it under my hat for the most part, just to hold that extra edge, but I'm getting old and don't need to keep breaking records and chasing fast times.

Used by Nascar, Indy, Rally teams and Top fuel teams for years.

The ceramic ball bearing hubs I use have 1/10th the friction of a steel ball, 60% lighter,  they are 100% round grade 5 Silicon Nitrate, we use special ultra low friction grease and micro polished races. Ceramic bearings will far outlast the factory steel units, as they produce nearly no heat or friction. The car WILL pick up MPH and ET at the dragstrip, run more consistent and faster laps on the road course, and yield better fuel economy, eventually paying for themselves.

Evo's go through wheel bearings rather fast, why not spend a little extra $$ and have a set that will outlast the car and give you an edge every time you drive the car?

We can convert ANY ball bearing wheel bearing/hub set up for any car, if your car is not listed here you must send in the bearings you want a quote on.

2000-2009 Honda S2000, $1600 to convert yours or $1799 for all four new units converted

2003-2011 Mitsubishi Evolution's 8,9,10
$1500 for all four of your hubs converted 

$2100 for four new hubs converted

 $1400 for 90-94 DSM press in upgrade, all new bearings included.

2g DSM convert your four hubs $1400

2G DSM front special $850 for NEW hubs with ceramic upgrade

Nissan GTR
$2250 convert your hubs
$3150 four new OEM hubs converted 

STI(2004-07) front only conversion of your hubs $950

2008-2018 WRX or STI convert all four of your hubs $1600

Attention: All ceramic bearings are built to order to your exact specifications and should not be considered on the shelf ready to ship unless specifically noted on the work order. Build times vary by model and options and we cannot guarantee a delivery date or ETA. No implied warranty on these unless the ceramic balls themselves fail.

Ceramic bearings