Best custom head work, porting, and performance parts & service in the business!

I’m Curt Brown, and at Curt Brown Racing, I have 25 years of experience in building fast turbocharged street, drag, and road-race cars. With the combination of my knowledge and experience, quality US or Japanese parts, and lower business overhead than competitors, I can give you the best “bang for the buck” in competition machine work and performance parts sales and service.

I specialize in:

Manifold Porting
Cylinder Head Porting and Builds
Turbo Porting
Ceramic Wheel Bearings
Short Block Builds

All my work is custom. Contact me today so we can discuss the work needed to fulfill your  performance needs.

Head Builds & Porting

Allow your engine to breathe better! With a ported head, your turbocharged engine can breathe better, increasing horsepower and torque across the rev range. This is the affordable alternative to a CNC head, without a downside!

For example, I typically see a 40-50 horsepower increase when a Mitsubishi 4G63’s head is ported, and over 100 hp increase with a Nissan GTR head.

What do you get for your $$$? A head that works. Not one that's over-ported or overpriced. I also use US or Japanese-made parts when assembling. No Chinese junk! I can guarantee that my heads will work better than anything on the market.

Keep in mind, this is a mod that is invisible! For GTRs, Nissan will never know!

Manifold Porting

Improve throttle response and increase horsepower and torque without losing bottom-end power!

These units will outperform all other manifolds on the market. I do the work myself, not some $15-an-hour hack in the back of a shop. You can expect quality!

Ceramic Wheel Bearings

For those looking for those couple extra mph at the drag strip.

These ceramic bearing reduce friction, increasing efficiency. Expect an extra 2-3 mph in the quarter mile when used with a sub-11 second car.